DOH30 Hospital Star Awards 2019


Perhaps one of the grandest awards the CSGH has so far received is the DOH30 Hospital Star Award 2019. It is a distinction that captures everything about the CSGH. A remarkable award that says excellence at par could be vouched even at the remotest island such as Culion, Palawan. To achieve such a prestigious award, there are cliff-taking criteria that only those who have the vision, commitment, and dedication to serve the humanity could ever fulfill. And CSGH takes off towards them having shielded with the following:



The CSGH, historically, evolved from being a hospital for the people affected by leprosy, a then national health problem. With the identity tagged to the hospital, it catered services driven by the sense of service and apathy for the neglected and discriminated human beings. For almost 100 years, the hospital served the patients, and it is also the hospital that witnessed the victory over the struggles to achieve the total elimination of leprosy in Culion. Now a safe and zero-leprosy island, the CSGH continues to soar high focused on its goals to leap far beyond the vision set 100 years ago; for it does believe that there are more to reach and to achieve through innovations to better serve all the citizens particularly those in its catchment areas. The CSGH may have transformed its physical structure but its mission for the health of mankind remains stronger and even lasting.


Best Practices

There is no better service than service with a heart. The said line can be realized once the patients enter the vicinity of the hospital. The best practices start from how the clients are welcomed, served, and cared by the health workers. The unique best practice of the CSGH is the gesture of giving all the patients the ambience of “home” where they can feel the hands, touching and caring for them, giving them the assurance that they are in the safe hands; that they would find solace out of the desperate situations they have; and that they would gain hope from the brink of discomfort brought by their sickness.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

Witnessing how CSGH transformed physically, so do its facilities and amenities as well. For a hospital located in an island, people would not think that it has more to offer since technologies and modern facilities are usually seen in the urban hospitals. Yet, the CSGH has exceeded anyone’s expectations.


One Goal one Heart for Service

The most important component of the CSGH is its health care providers and its workers. The CSGH propelled because it has men and women who have the strong sense of service for others. These are clearly and visibly manifested on its kind of service they render; that their every act of their service is inspired by the words of Mahatma Gandhi which says: “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.


Excellent Leadership

The success of the institution significantly lies on how it is excellently led by its administrator, the very first public servant who by his deeds show what he envisions for the hospital and for the welfare of others. The leadership of Dr. Arturo C. Cunanan, Jr., Medical Center Chief I of CSGH is the first step of the ladder that brings the hospital to achieve its excellent service. His visions, goals, and cura personalis for the people needing medical care are those that push and inspire him to go beyond what is impossible. Though it took him different struggles and challenges to succumb all that hinder his goals, the awards for CSGH have said them all.


The DOH30 Hospital Awards 2019 Awarding Ceremony, where CSGH as one of the top 10 hospitals, was held on September 17, 2019 at Pearlmont Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City. Another feather on its cap!


-Judy C. Cataquis


Republic of the Philippines  |  Department of Health

Culion, Palawan