November 19, 2020 at Immaculate Concepcion Church


Greetings to ALL!

Happy 11th Founding Anniversary to ALL CSGH Staff.


Indeed, today there are many reasons to celebrate and be thankful despite the COVID-19 pandemic that has been affecting the Filipino people and the health facilities itself including CSGH.


CSGH has achieved another milestone of being designated a COVID-19 Referral Hospital and now a licensed rRT-PCR Testing Laboratory for COVID-19.


True to our values and mandate CSGH continue to serve the people of Calamianes and Northern Palawan by providing quality health care services for both COVID-19 and Non-COVID-19 patients.


The COVID-19 pandemic has provided not only difficulties and challenges but opportunities as well for the institution to adapt and be resilient and innovative, for the staff to shine and become a valuable frontliners – our COVID-19 heroes who risk their lives for the service of the sick and the prevention of the spread of the disease.


The COVID-19 pandemic has provided unique opportunities to CSGH to provide humanitarian services beyond the call of duty, ALL for the betterment of the lives of our fellowmen enshrining the CSGH values of Mercy and Compassion.


Although significant number of plans for the hospital advancement and improvement has been put on hold and delayed, there are also many accomplishment and contributions that CSGH has achieved to be proud of and thank you for doing your best to excel despite working in this very difficult times.


The CSGH continue to function and is safe and I’m happy that NO CSGH Staff has been infected. We look forward and strive to maintain a zero infection among our direct and indirect frontliners.


The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons hard as it maybe, as an individual, and as an institution or family. We have learned to put our guard up high, to be strong and resilient, to harness our energy and resources and thrust forward for the attainment of our goals, for the service and common good.


COVID-19 pandemic taught as not only to look on ourselves and our personal safety but to be aware and to care for the safety of our co-workers. That it is one’s business to be safe and practice our IPC protocol so that others will be safe and not be at risk. We thought beyond ourselves and families we included in our radar the many people whose lives are severely affected by the pandemic, those who further flung to poverty, those with limitations and disabilities, those affected by travel restrictions, those affected by the consecutive typhoons. CSGH staff have put to practice our mantra of We Serve, We Care and We Excel and indeed practice our institutional values – of serving and caring with mercy and compassion. That makes CSGH different, that makes CSGH enduring, that makes CSGH proud.


The COVID-19 pandemic taught us and brought within everyone to innovate and initiate the two I’s. I always ask our staff to have, for indeed the strength and durability of a boat is not measured as it navigate calm sea water but how our CSGH boat performs in high seas on turbulent times, weathering the strong typhoons and strong winds delivering its mandate and mission trusting forward, servicing, caring, excelling amidst all odds.


In this we realized that individual and institutional differences should be set aside but rather shall be working together in unity and partnership to bring joy, peace and accomplishment to all, while we serve with mercy and compassion, that together we accomplished more, it is not what each individually thinks but what we collectively think what’s best for team work, being selfless brings accomplishment and success.


That is why in this year ‘celebration the theme “Serving Together As one” is very appropriate and fitting CSGH as one, serving as one, caring as one.


In the management review the logo of “raging bull” – Looking Back, Marching Forward was used. We in CSGH as we continue to serve in the long years to come should be like the raging bull; assertive, astute, healthy, focus, dedicated, committed with great pride and humility looking backward of our strong glorious history and achievement and moving forward to bring better service to our people, maintaining our values of mercy and compassion to serve and bring our institution to be more;



  S- Service Oriented

  G- Goal Driven

  H- Holistic


I wish to thank the Division, Unit and Section Heads for the leadership and to each and every CSGH staff permanent, contract of service (COS) and gratuity. thank you for working very hard in making CSGH of what it is today. Let’s continue to be a blessing to everyone and especially to our patients.


Our sincere gratitude to Asec. Maria Francia M. Laxamana, Head FICT-Luzon and to Dir. Mario Baquilod, CHD Director-MIMAROPA for their continued support to CSGH. Thank you also to Dr. Mel Dy of Ospital ng Palawan for the support in RT-PCR Testing of CSGH patients and staff.



Thank you to all.







Republic of the Philippines  |  Department of Health

Culion, Palawan